The script builds a mini-webpage for you. It contains the Sketchfab scene and a menu which exposes each option you’ve created. The configuration options are only available on this webpage. If you go to your model on Sketchfab.com you won’t find the configuration options.


Use Open configurator to view the configurator in your browser. Use Open folder to see where the configurator files have been stored


The generated website contains an iframe with your Sketchfab model and a menu at the top. This menu contains your configuration options.

Putting it online

After building the configurator the only thing which is actually online is your model on Sketchfab. The configurator itself isn’t uploaded anywhere. It’s stored on your harddrive. If you want other people to start configuring your model you need to upload the files to a webserver yourself. There are two files you need: MaterialLibrary.js and OptionsOptions.html.


Upload these two files to put your configurator online